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Ugly Chinese Canadian: A $900,000 CHRP to Recognize Chinese Canadians

CHRP as in Community Historical Recognition Program or Chinese-Canadian Historical Recognition Project … not of the Twitter ‘chirp’ sort!

This morning, an announcement was made at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

In attendance at the event, were a number of prominent community leaders, politicians, academics, and the media.

All had been invited to hear of the generous announcement made possible by our federal government– the CHRP for UBC.

Professor Henry Yu, from the Department of History at UBC shared a number of interesting historic anecdotes.

“The Chinese has been a part of Canada’s history since day one.

We helped build the railways that made it possible for people to immigrate to, move and locate across different places in Canada.

But once the railway was completed, the Chinese were no longer welcomed, and were asked to leave.

This CHRP lead by UBC, along with some other CHRP programs now being distributed to other organizations across Canada will collect early Chinese migrant stories. These efforts will document and will share with others, the important role the Chinese contributed to the building our nation.

These are the historic stories that have not really seen much of the light of day.

The various CHRP efforts will be completed across Canada over the next 12 to 24 months, and … we, at the UGLY Chinese Canadian, will present summaries and descriptions of these projects as they become available, here on our blog.

The presentation banner at the front of the room summed it all up:

Uncommon Histories from a Common Past

We look forward to UBC taking the lead role in digitizing and archiving the many collections, and to make it accessible to everyone.

UBC CHRP researcher Jennifer Yip, MP Alice Wong, Professor Henry Yu, UBC VP Stephen Owen


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Chinese Canadian Stories: Uncommon Histories from a Common Past

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